Our Story

Like all good stories, ours begins with once upon a time, when our founder Sandrine began searching high and low for a simplistic jumpsuit with no success. A passion for health and love for children, kick started a journey that lead to the creation of Bambino & Bundles. 

Knowing firsthand the impact that toxins can have on our skin, Bambino & Bundles was born out of a desire for beautiful and simple products made with awareness and care. Our fabrics are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, so we know that every piece we create welcomes a toxin free bub into the Bambino family. 

Our philosophy has always been simple: to help give babies the very best start in life. And what better way than making sure they enjoy the benefits of organic and ethical clothing on their delicate skin? 

There’s just something about Bambino & Bundles that makes you smile. Whether it’s because we take the time to hand design our pieces. Or because we not only choose quality but practical fabric that lasts wash after wash. 

Whatever it is, we love it. And hope you do too.